Welcome to IntegratedFIRST!

Who Are We?

Today’s world is constantly improving for the sole purpose to build a better home for us where peace and freedom are spread throughout all the countries. Being well-educated and learning the scientific thinking is the only valid option to achieve this goal. FIRST, providing the most eligible method for one to adopt values of STEM, is a great opportunity for a country which has yet to care about STEM activities. INTEGRA was established in 2011 to be part of an STEM education and FIRST family. From the moment of being established, INTEGRA’s main mission is to make STEM education and FIRST recognized by people and to carry the FIRST message to every possible corner of the world at the same time. Also INTEGRA seeks constantly keep in touch with other teams and get inspired by them.

What is IntegratedFIRST?

IntegratedFIRST is the first CV database programme for FIRST participants which is designed by INTEGRA. IntegratedFIRST is developed to strengthen the relations between teams and facilitate making contact with sponsors.

What was our aim while setting IntegratedFIRST.com up?

FIRST Programs are the most prestigious robotics competitions in the world and has a growing global community. However, communication between countries is a major problem and a permanent communication isn’t possible.  To solve this problem, we decided to set up an online platform which allows participants to interact with other FIRST Family members and sponsors. Furthermore, with this online platforms, teams are able to share open source documents, videos and etc.

How did it start?

In 2011, there were just 2 teams when Integra first established. The mileage between teams was far too much that teams couldn’t even share resources or interact with each other. We had problems with providing the parts of the robot, finding out sponsorships and understanding competitions’ core values when we were a Rookie team. Starting from this point we have planned a platform which includes uninterrupted team communication, question sharing and getting in touch with the sponsors in a convenient way.

How To Use IntegratedFIRST.com?

Firstly, teams need to register to IntegratedFIRST.com and create an account. In order to register, teams are advised to fill out the appropriate (FRC, FTC or FLL) team CV template available in this link. After completing it, teams need to save it as a PDF file and upload it to a file hosting provider such as Google Drive or Dropbox and make it public viewable. After this, teams should fill out the registration form and provide the link of their team CV and other information there. In case of any alteration, teams can update their profile. Teams can also post new updates in Activity tab, or view and comment to other teams posts. Besides this, IntegratedFIRST provides a communication system to send public and private message to other teams.

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